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She's Confident

Precio de oferta$16.00

She's Confident is part of the She's In Her Era Gel Color PT 2


Beautifully created cover sheer gels that are buildable for opacity levels.

Product Type: Sheer Cover Gel Polish

How to Use:

Prep natural nails. Apply Base Coat. Apply thin, even layer of gel. Cure in LED light for 60 seconds. Repeat to desired opacity. Finish with Secret Nail Affair top coat of choice. (note) When applying gels on top of acrylic base or our gel x tips, base coat is not needed. 

Cures in 60 seconds! Apply 1-2 thin layers to avoid improper curing!

Available in 0.5 Fl oz Bottle

Please note: We strive to make our digital product images represent the real life product color, monitor settings and electronic devices may cause color variation.

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She's Confident
She's Confident Precio de oferta$16.00